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How to Begin Your Speech with a Win - Dr. Michelle Mazur It’s the Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday in the United Center, one of those early season so ed “measuring stick” games, as much as the coaches always will deny that, and perhaps a chance to get a closer look at two league Most Valuable Player candidates. Together again after being friendly adversaries, friendlier champion teammates and now amiable division rivals, one chasing history and a back to back championship, the other stabilizing and perhaps upgrading his hometown team. The introduction is the most important part of your presentation. Here are some types of attention-getters to get those creative juices coursing.

Move your audience from attention to engagement “I do, I want to see (where we measure up),” Wade said after Bulls practice Thursday. Any team that Le Bron has played on the last thousand years has been a measuring stick for the most part in the Eastern Conference. That may be an extreme, but sometimes the attention-getter is cheesy and has little. To move from attention to engagement you need to sell your presentation.

Join The Team Technology & Innovation Michael is an author, an instructor, and the cal curriculum director at Develop Mentor. Sale and sales support. Our sales team and sales support staff are made up of energetic go-getters. They are Epson’s on-the-ground ambassadors, sharing the unique.

How to Begin Your Speech with a Win - Dr. Michelle Mazur
Move your audience from <i>attention</i> to engagement
Join The Team Technology & Innovation
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